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Sanatorii.by - Health resorts of Belarus. Travel to Belarus.
Health resorts in Belarus

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All health resorts of Belarus

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. All the health resorts . Information about Belarus
The list of Belarusian health resorts, presented on our website Useful information on the country: location, visas, customs, currency
. Treatment . Mineral waters of Belarus
Indications and contraindications for treatment in the health resorts of Belarus Detailed characteristics of mineral water sources in the health resorts of Belarus
. Medical rooms . Diets (Gastronomy)
Classification of medical rooms in the health resorts of Belarus The characteristics of the basic diets in the health resorts of Belarus
. Outpatient's card . Legal documents
Rules and requirements for making an outpatient's card Legal documents on health resort treatment implementation in the health-improving establishments of Belarus
. F.A.Q. . Web-cam
Brief answers to Frequently asked questions Web-cam in the health resorts
. Instructions and tips for travellers . Map of Belarus
Rules and pecularities to take into consideration before coming to a health resort Location of the health resorts on the map of Belarus
. Detailed information about the portal . View from satellite
Detailed information on the portal features View of the health resorts from satellite
. Awards of the enterprise . Contacts
Awards and prizes, given to the website by the authorities and public organizations The address, phones, directions of getting to our office, our e-mail contacts
Detailed elaboration
. Prices on tours . Directions of treatment
The table of prices on tours to the health resorts of Belarus Directions of treatment in the health resorts of Belarus
. Categories of health-improving establishments . Mineral waters
Categories of the health-improving establishments according to state certification Use of mineral waters in the health resorts of Belarus
. Number of rooms and beds . Therapeutic muds
List of health resorts with the number of rooms and beds Mud cure in the health resorts of Belarus
. Check-out time and the terms of staying . Types of therapy
Check-out time and the terms of staying Basic therapeutic methods in the health resorts of Belarus
. Admission of children . Medical practitioners
Table on admission of children and conditions of admission for the health resorts of Belarus Medical practitioners
. Infrastructure table . Medical rooms
General table of infrastructure of health resorts in Belarus Medical rooms in the health resorts of Belarus
. Rentals . Procedures
Rentals in the health resorts of Belarus Medical procedures in the health resorts of Belarus
. Tourists' reviews . Diagnostics
Tourists' reviews (discussion at the forum) Methods of medical diagnostics, used in the health resorts of Belarus
. Infrastructure . Diets (Gastronomy)
Infrastructure used in the health resorts of Belarus The characteristics of the basic diets in the health resorts of Belarus
. Tourist tax . Schedule of medical rooms working hours
Tourist tax in the health resorts of Belarus Schedule of medical rooms working hours
. Geographical coordinates . Selling meals-and-treatment tours
Geographical coordinates of the health resorts of Belarus, details for GPS Selling meals-and-treatment tours to the health resorts of Belarus
. Booking . Comparison of health resorts
The rules of booking, payment and receiving of vouchers in the health resorts in Belarus Comparison and selection of a health resort according to different parameters
. Available tours . Selection by photo
Tours to the health resorts available for booking Comparison and selection of the health resorts by photo
. broni.sanatorii.by . Movies about health resorts
Sign in the booking system Selection and comparison of the health resorts by video
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    16:00 05-December
 Brest Fortress and Ded Moroz residance Excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites all fans of New Year's Eve magic and fantastic impressions on a visit to Father Frost!
Now, every Saturday you will have an opportunity not only to visit a symbol of Courage and the Feat of the Soviet people and to inhale frosty fresh air in the Bialowieza Forest nature, but also to visit on a visit at Father Frost, his estate.

    12:00 05-December
health-improving complex Belino Health-improving complex Belino Minsk region informs:
Health-improving complex Belino invites everyone to celebrate the New year 2017 in the framework of the new year tour «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka»!

    09:00 05-December
health resort Belaya vezha Health resort Belaya vezha Brest region informs:
Excellent opportunity to rest in December with discount on tours! The health resort offers tours with 5% discount for senior citizens. Also health resort offers for guests a nice bonus on tours in January - March 2017 - free procedures.

    18:00 04-December
health resort Lesnoe Health resort Lesnoe Vitebsk region informs:
The health resort «Lesnoe» invites all who wish to have a great time on New Year and Christmas 2017 together. Hurry to book permits, the New year just around the corner!

    12:00 04-December
health-improving complex Raketa Health-improving complex Raketa Minsk region informs:
Novelty! In the Health-improving complex Raketa ypu can pass ultrasound examination of the uterus and appendages.

    Brest region
  1. Alesyay health resort
  2. Belaya vezha health resort
  3. Berestie health resort
  4. Bug health resort
  5. Chabarok health resort
  6. Energia health-improving center
  7. Kolos HICC
  8. Magistralny health resort
  9. Nadzeya health resort
  10. Ruzhanski health resort
  11. Solnechny health resort
  12. Svitanok Brest health resort
  13. Yaselda health resort
    Gomel region
  1. Chonki health resort
  2. Gomelskogo otdelenie BJD health resort
  3. Mashinostroitel health resort
  4. Pridneprovsky health resort
  5. Serebryanie Klyuchi health resort
  6. Sidelniki HICC
  7. Solnechny Bereg health resort
  8. Sosny Gomel health resort
  9. Vasilek health resort
  10. Zolotie peski health resort
    Grodno region
  1. Alfa Radon health resort
  2. Energetik health resort
  3. Jemchujina Grodno health resort
  4. Neman 72 health resort
  5. Ozerny health resort
  6. Porechie health resort
  7. Praleska Grodno health resort
  8. Radon health resort
  9. Raduga Grodno health resort
  10. Svitiaz health resort
    Minsk region
  1. Balneolecheniya
  2. BATE health-improving complex
  3. Belaya Rus health resort
  4. Belino health-improving complex
  5. Belorusochka health resort
  6. Berezina health resort
  7. Berezina Borisov health resort
  8. Berezka health resort
  9. Dudinka health-improving center
  10. Energetik Minsk health-improving center
  11. Gorodische republican center of medical rehabilitation
  12. Isloch health resort
  13. Jdanovichy HICC
  14. Juravushka health resort
  15. Krinitsa health resort
  16. Lazurny health resort
  17. Nadezhda HICC
  18. Naroch health resort
  19. Narochanka health resort
  20. Narochanski Bereg health resort
  21. Ostroshickij gorodok RHRMC
  22. Podjelniki health resort
  23. Praleska Minsk health resort
  24. Primorski health resort
  25. Priozerny health resort
  26. Raketa health-improving complex
  27. Rassvet Luban health resort
  28. Rudnya health resort
  29. Solnyshko health resort for children
  30. Sosnovi Bor Minsk health resort
  31. Sosny Minsk health resort
  32. Sputnik health resort
  33. Svitanok Minsk health-improving center
  34. Talka health-improving center
  35. The Republican Hospital of Speleo treatment
  36. Vesta health resort
  37. Viaguti health resort
  38. Volma health resort
  39. Yunost health resort
  40. Zeleni Bor health resort
  41. Zeleni bor RC rehabilitation center
    Mogilev region
  1. Dubrovenka health resort
  2. Energetik Mogilev health resort
  3. Lenina health resort
  4. Orlovskogo health resort
  5. Shinnik health resort
  6. Sosny Mogilev health resort
    Vitebsk region
  1. Borovoe health resort
  2. Jeleznyaki health resort
  3. Jemchujina Vitebsk HICC
  4. Lepelski health resort
  5. Lesnie Ozera health resort
  6. Lesnoe health resort
  7. Letcy health resort
  8. Naftan health resort
  9. Plissa health resort
  10. Rosinka health resort for children
  11. Sosnovi Bor Vitebsk health-improving complex
  12. Zheleznodorozhnik health resort
    Recreation centres with medical treatment
  1. Izumrud Krugloe hotel complex
  2. Kamenyuki hotel complex
  3. Krupenino recreation center
  4. Les hotel
  5. Milograd recreation center
  6. Ogonek k2 recreation center
  7. Orsha tourist complex
  8. Silichy tourist complex
    Health resorts for children
  1. Bogatyr health resort for children
  2. Borovichok health resort for children
  3. Kachye HICC
  4. Lesnaya Polyana HICC
  5. Nalibokskaya Pushcha health resort for children
  6. Praleska Gomel HICC
  7. Ptich HICC
  8. Puhovichi RCCMR
  9. Raduga Mogilev health resort for children
  10. Romantika HICC
  11. Sluch health resort for children
  12. Svisloch health resort for children
  13. Svitanak Brest HICC
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