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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Rules and features that you should consider when traveling in a health resort in Belarus - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
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Rules and features that you should consider when traveling in a health resort in Belarus

Rules and features that you should consider when traveling in a health resort in Belarus

Main sections:

  1. How to choose a health resort

  2. Duration of stay

    • On the Internet portal sanatorii.by (Health resorts of Belarus), as a rule, sell vouchers for 12-21 days.
    • If you need general health-improving effect, choose a tour for 12-14 days.
    • For a full treatment, the recommended duration is 21 days or more.
    • In health resorts of Belarus, especially in the high season, there is often no opportunity to extend the stay, so think beforehand about the optimal quantity of days for you to rest.
    • While booking a tour remember: when you arrive later than the time specified in the voucher, the missed days are not compensated, the same as if you want to leave earlier.
  3. Tour purchasing

    • Booking process is carried out on the website through the standard application form. The procedure for booking, paying and processing passes in the sanatorium of Belarus is described in detail in the section Booking rules.
    • You can book a tour at any time, but the earlier you do it, the more chances you have (especially in a period of high demand) to choose the necessary accommodation.
    • Health resorts do not sell vouchers without meals..
  4. Outpatients card, extract from medical documents

    • The appointment of medical procedures in the health resorts and health-improving institutions of the Republic of Belarus is made on the basis of outpatients card data, and for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus Form 1 med/u-10 Extract from medical documents. You should make out the medical documents in the clinic at place of residence. To issue an outpatients card, you must have the results of the relevant studies and consultations of medical specialists.
    • In some health resorts with appropriate medical-diagnostic base (clinical and biochemical laboratory), an outpatients card can be issued on the spot on arrival at an additional cost. To this end, the following documents are required: a patient card (extract from the patient card), a chest X-ray results, a certificate of inspection by gynecologist (for women).
    • If you decided to make an outpatients card in the health resort, please remember:
      - the process of outpatients cards execution in the health resort takes up to 3 days, during which the treatment will not be scheduled due to lack of information about the state of your health;
      - there are indications and contraindications to treatment in the health resorts. Often vacationers are not fully aware of the diagnosis and chose the medical profile of the health resort on the basis of complaints and pain symptoms. However, the diagnosis after the examination in the health resort can not be confirmed and medical treatment can not be assigned due to the presence of contraindications.
    • Medical document should be issued not earlier than one month prior to arrival.
    • Health resort, according to the law, can refuse treatment in the absence of a medical document.
    • Full details for health resorts treatment, as well as a list of necessary research, see at the section Outpatients card.
    • When purchasing health-improving or spa programs, the outpatients card is not required. It is recommended to take an extract from the medical documents.
  5. What to take?

    • Clothes and shoes according to the season, shoes to put on in medical offices, in gyms and sport centers.
    • There is an entertainment program in every health resort, so you can take clothes for these events.
    • Don't forget swimming accessories if there is a swimming pool, swimsuit, swimming trunks, cap, flip-flops.
    • If a naphthalan treatment is performed in the health resort and you plan to attend this procedure, we recommend you to take a separate set of clothes of dark color, because due to the specifics of this procedure, clothes can be stained (after the procedure the substance will evaporate for a long time from the pores of the skin). View the Instruction for naphthalan bath procedures.
    • For taking procedures in the underground section of the Republican Hospital of Speleo treatment you must have: a sports suit (in winter - an insulated sports suit); two pairs of closed sports shoes without a heel for descent into the underground section and replacement shoes for stay in the underground section (in winter - insulated footwear); a handkerchief (sports hat) under a protective helmet; a thermos for warm drinking. View Instruction for taking procedures in the Republican Hospital of Speleo treatment.
  6. Currency exchange

    • Due to the fact that the exchange rates are constantly changing, it is difficult to determine which rate will be more favorable on the date of arrival in Belarus. Follow the financial news.
    • It is more profitable to change Russian rubles in the Republic of Belarus at currency exchange offices. In Russia, the rate is usually lower than in Belarus. To exchange money you need to show your passport.
    • ATMs located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus issue Belarusian rubles, US dollars and euros.
    • In most sanatoriums there are no exchange offices, so change the currency immediately upon arrival in Belarus. Information on the availability of currency exchange points in health resorts you can see in the section Infrastructure.
  7. Documents for check-in a health resort

    • Upon arrival in a health resort with a pre-purchased voucher, you should contact the administrator for registration. Upon registration you must show the following documents: passport, voucher (the document that is loaded on the application page after the payment), outpatients card (or an extract in established form of medical card). For children under 16 years: child's birth certificate (passport), outpatients card (if the child's treatment is planed), certificate of epidemiological environment.
    • When planning your trip well in advance it is recommended to ensure the availability of passports copies of all participants, travel tickets (air, railway, bus) and other documents. They are useful in case of loss of the original, as well as in other situations that may arise in the host country. Keep copies separate from the originals.
    • We recommend you read the information about the Republic of Belarus. You can found more information about the country in the section Information about Belarus.
  8. Visa-free entry to the Republic of Belarus

    In 2017 and 2019, Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus 8 from 09.01.2017 and 300 from 07.08.2019 About the establishment of a visa-free entry and exit procedure for foreign citizens were issued, according to which citizens of about 80 states can visit the Republic of Belarus without a visa if certain conditions are met. Visa-free regime is valid for foreign citizens in the following cases:

    1. Provided to entry into the Republic of Belarus through the National Airport Minsk;
      Visa-free regime with a stay in Belarus up to 30 days extends to citizens of 74 states, including all the countries of the European Union. The main requirement of visa-free regime is entry and exit the Republic of Belarus only through the National Airport Minsk.
      You can see more information about visa-free entry rules in Belarus through the National Airport Minsk here.
    2. When you visit tourist and recreational area Brest - Grodno;
      Visa-free entry to the territory of tourist and recriational zone Brest - Grodno permits for people to visit Belarus for a period of up to 15 days with tourism goals and applies to citizens of 73 countries. Tourist and recriational zone Brest - Grodno includes Brest c., Brest, Zhabinka, Kamenets, Pruzhany districts of the Brest region, Grodno c., Berestovitsa, Volkovysk, Voronovo, Grodno, Lida, Svisloch, Schuchin districts of the Grodno region.
      Read more about visa-free entry rules for visiting tourist and recriational zone Brest - Grodno you can here.

    In other cases and subject to the stay of foreign citizens in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, it is necessary to obtain a Belarusian visa for a longer period of time. More information about visa regime for entry to Belarus you can see on the Internet portal belarus-online.by/visafree.

  9. Insurance

    • Republic of Belarus has introduced compulsory health insurance for foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus, in the case of the provision of emergency medical assistance in the state medical institutions in case of sudden illness or accident.
    • You can make a medical insurance policy at any checkpoint on the borders of Belarus, as well as at airports and railway stations, where the points of Belarusian insurance companies work.
    • The cost of insurance depends on the number of days of stay and some conditions.
    • The medical insurance is not required for:
      - citizens of countries with which there are international treaties that govern the provision of free emergency medical services (citizens of Russian Federation);
      - citizens of the states - participants of the CIS for whom the emergency medical care is provided free of charge in accordance with the Agreement on the provision of medical care to citizens of states - participants of Commonwealth of Independent States, signed in Moscow on 27 March 1997 (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).
    • According to international travel practice we recommend for citizens who are not subject to compulsory health insurance to conclude a contract of voluntary health insurance. The policy of the insurance company offers a wider range of services than is prescribed in the agreement of our countries. In addition to paying for medical expenses, the cover includes the medical transportation of the insured to the place of emergency aid or medical evacuation after medical assistance for further treatment in the nearest medical institution on the territory of the country of residence.
  10. How to get to the health resort

    • Travel to the health resorts is implemented on ones own.
    • Choose the official transporter, licensed for road transport of passengers to travel to the the health resort and back.
    • For the convenience of our customers the Belarusian tour operator Automated tourism technologies created an online system of ordering transfer between Belarusian cities and the health resorts available on the Internet portal www.beltransfer.by.
  11. What you need to know about staying in a health resort

    • In the majority of the health resorts vacationers pay a tourist tax in the amount of up to 5% of the cost of permits. The resort fee is paid upon arrival at the health resort. For some categories of citizens there are discounts or exemption from payment of the resort fee (pensioners, veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War, underage children, etc.).
    • On the day of arrival, accommodation in rooms is carried out after the specified in the package checkout time, and on the day of eviction before the specified time.
    • The distribution of rooms is a responsibility of the receptionist of the health resort.
    • It is recommended to take your room key at the reception, and in case of loss to notify the administration.
    • Upon arrival at the health resort you should be familiar with the fire evacuation plan, using terms of elevator and electrical appliances.

    • After the initial examination, the physician fills health history and health resort (procedural) book for each person, to which designated treatments will be introduced.
    • On the day of arrival and departure the procedures of an overall impact are not assigned.
    • Medical complex is formed by the attending physician individually for each person with a view of the main and concomitant diseases, in accordance with the approved list of procedures included in the price. Optionally additional procedures can be assigned for additional fee.
    • For all issues related to the treatment, including the deterioration of health, you need to contact your doctor.
    • Medical procedures are conducted in accordance with the mode of operation of medical offices. To address arisen questions you should contact your doctor, medical personnel on duty or the head of the medical-diagnostic department.
    • For positive results of treatment in the health resort vacationer should do exactly the treating and stick to the recommended mode. The success of treatment depends not on the number of procedures. Procedures should be taken for as long as were nominated by doctor and at appointed time.
    • Upon completion of a course of health resorts treatment the patient get a coupon of the outpatients card and sanatorium book with the data of the survey, the treatment and its effectiveness, the recommendations of the attending physician obtained in the health resort.

    • In the presence of the features in the food ration (diet, allergies and so on) on the first day of stay in the health resort you must apply to the dietitian for menu coordination.
    • The holidaymakers arriving in a health resort with children, bear full responsibility for their actions and safety.
    • Observance of silence in the health resort and on its territory after the set time is compulsory for all.
    • Smoking in the health resorts is allowed in specially designated areas.

    • In case of breakdown or malfunction of sanitary devices, electric lighting and appliances you should address to the manager on duty.
    • You should take care of the furniture, equipment and other objects in a health resort. The holidaymaker is liable for damage caused to a health resort.
    • Health resorts administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables, money and documents left in the room. Search forgotten things being on your own and at your own expense.
  12. It is prohibited

    • to violate the rules of fire safety, to violate the rules of using electrical devices;
    • to disrespect the staff and other guests;
    • to take away from the dining room food, utensils and appliances;
    • to store foodstuffs in the rooms in the absence of the refrigerator;
    • to smoke indoors and outside the specially designated smoking places;
    • to appear in the health resort in a drunken state;
    • to appear in public places (dining room, club, library) in bathing suits, pajamas, dressing gowns.
  13. Mobile communication and Internet

    • For citizens of the Russian Federation who have a Russian sim card, in the territory of Belarus, for calls to Russia, it is necessary to open a roaming service. For non-residents of the Republic of Belarus, mobile operators offer the following tariffs:
      - Operator MTS offers a tariff Guest;
      - Operator A1 offers a tariff Hi;
      - Operator life:) offers a tariff Plain.
    • In the territory of some sanatorium organizations there are points of high-speed wireless access Wi-Fi or installed computers with access to the worldwide network. All health resort organizations are located in the coverage areas of 3G / 2G network of Belarusian mobile operators, and in some, a 4G network is also available, so everywhere it is possible to use the services mobile internet using a mobile phone or a portable modem.
  14. What to do after returning from the health resort

    Share your impressions about the rest:
  15. Additional Information

    Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: 220030, Minsk, ul. K. Marx, 37A, telephone: 8017-222-26-65, Fax: +375 17 222 26 63.

    Emergency telephones in the Republic of Belarus:

    • MES 101
    • Police 102;
    • Emergency 103;
    • Emergency gas service 104.

    In the article FAQ You can see the answers to frequently asked questions.

We wish you a wonderful weather, effective treatment, unforgettable rest and excellent mood!

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