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Health resorts of Belarus.by - How to choose the health resort in Belarus - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
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How to choose the health resort in Belarus

Choosing a health resort is an important task, on which satisfaction with the rest and the desire to repeat the trip depend. We will tell you in this article how to choose the health resort in Belarus, what to focus on when choosing and how to get the most out of your vacation.

The purpose of the trip and your holiday expectations

Before purchasing a voucher to a health resort in Belarus by advice of friends or by seen advertisements, think about what exactly do you expect from a trip to Belarus? What is the purpose of your trip? Do you want to undergo a full-fledged course of treatment for a specific disease or simply to strengthen the body and enjoy your vacation away from the bustle of the city?
    Most of health resorts in Belarus offer 4 types of tours:
  • Treatment package
    A package with an included set of medical services, which allows you to receive medical procedures in several areas of treatment. Usually it is more profitable to purchase a tour with treatment than to buy procedures separately, in addition to a tour without treatment.
  • Complex medical programs
    As a rule, these are narrowly specialized programs with a range of medical services, aimed at treating specific diseases and health problems. Such programs can be purchased at once when making a reservation or as an addition to a standard tour with treatment after consulting a doctor directly at the health resort.
  • Wellness package
    A tour without included medical procedures or with a minimum set of them for people who do not suffer from serious health problems. Such trips allow you to strengthen the immune system in general, to relax as much as possible and enjoy your vacation. If desired, a medical services can be purchased on the spot after consultation with the doctor of the health resort.
  • Weekend package
    Tours designed for 2-3 days for those who want to spend time away from the city and take a break from the daily routine. Such tours usually include accommodation, meals, swimming pool and some wellness services or free use of the health resort's infrastructure.

The important criteria for finding a health resort

Based on the purpose of the trip, we determine the most important for you search parameters - living conditions, the medical profile of the health resort, the presence of specific doctors in the staff of the health resort, a certain infrastructure and other nuances that will make your rest full and useful. It is important to choose a health resort taking into account your needs, so that in the end the expectation coincides with reality.
  • Living conditions
    The health resorts in Belarus offer a choice of rooms of different comfort and capacity - from single to family rooms, from luxurious suites to budget economy options. If you are traveling alone for rest and treatment and personal space is important to you, choose single rooms and if there are no single rooms in the health resort's room stock, as a rule, single accommodation is available in a 2-bed room (without sharing) at special increased rates.
    If you do not mind making new acquaintances or want to save money, most of the health resorts offer the possibility of booking one place in a twin room, in which case you will be sharing a room with another guest. For a family vacation, it is most convenient to book a 2-room suites, where the space allows you to comfortably provide separate sleeping places for children.
    For lovers of country rest and privacy, some health resorts offer accommodation in comfortable cottages - this is a great option for both large families and a group of friends.
  • Medical profile of the health resort
    For those clients who prioritize health care and solving specific problems in the body, we recommend that you carefully study the medical base of the health resort. Most of the health resorts in Belarus are wide-profile and can offer their guests high-quality treatment in several directions at once. All main treatment profiles are indicated on the page of the health resort on the portal sanatorii.by. At the same time, it is important to know that the presence of a powerful medical base makes it possible to provide procedures for related profiles, which are not the main specialization of the health resort. In addition, on the sanatorii.by Internet portal there is an opportunity to select a health resort by providing a specific medical services or by the availability of a cabinet, which is important for you.
    For rest and general health improvement in Belarus, you can choose general therapeutic health resorts - health centers and complexes that do not have a narrow specialization, and the set of services included in the price of the tour is a procedure for general strengthening of the body and will suit most vacationers.
  • Doctors' consultations
    An important criterion when choosing a health resort is the opportunity to get in the health resort consultation of a narrow specialist - a doctor orthopedist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, reflexologist and others. Indeed, as a rule, the success of the treatment as well as how long the result will last depends on doctor's prescriptions. When making your reservation, check if the doctor you want will not be on vacation.
  • Infrastructure
    The combination of beneficial health procedures and rich and varied leisure is an option for an ideal vacation. Surely, during the period of rest in the health resort, you will want to diversify your free time and use the additional services of the health resort, and the presence of some elements of the infrastructure may even be mandatory criteria for choosing a health resort - for example, the presence of a guarded parking lot, free Wi-Fi, currency exchange. Therefore, it is important at the stage of choosing a health resort to get acquainted with its infrastructure, which determines your comfort. Availability of a swimming pool, a sauna, a bar, a gym, a beauty salon and a children's infrastructure for family vacations are an important elements that allow you to make a choice in favor of one or the other health resort.
  • Location
    The health resorts of Belarus are located in ecologically clean zones, most of them are far from large cities and industrial enterprises, as a rule, on the banks of natural reservoirs or surrounded by forests. The location of the health resort near the city significantly improves its transport accessibility.
    There are health resorts in Belarus that are located in the suburbs or on the outskirts of cities. Such options are suitable for those who want to get to their holiday destination as quickly and directly as possible. If you go to a health resort in a private car and you are confused by a long journey, choose health resorts located within the area of your residence or the area closest to the border with the country from which you are traveling. The location of all health resorts in Belarus can be viewed at map.

Dates of travel and duration of rest

In order for the rest in the health resort to leave the best impressions, it is important to choose the right travel time, taking into account the seasonality of nature, and for maximum benefit - the correct duration of the tour. This will allow you to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
  • Season of the year for a trip to the health resort
    The health resorts in Belarus operate year-round, so you can choose your favorite season for your trip. Due to the compactness of the territory, there are no large differences between the climate in the north and south of the country; Belarus has moderately warm and mostly dry summers, while winters are mild with frequent thaws.
    Summer - it is not only an opportunity to enjoy the warmth and swim in the lakes, on the shore or near which health resorts are located, but also it is a period of maximum demand for tours to health resorts in Belarus. It is necessary to book tours in advance, preferably several months before the trip. This will allow you to be guaranteed to go exactly on the dates that suit you and be accommodated in the room category that suits you best in terms of conditions and price. The booking system of the Internet portal sanatorii.by provides an opportunity to send a booking request a year before the expected trips' date.
    Going to a health resort in Belarus in winter is an excellent choice for those who love winter outdoor activities or want to celebrate the New Year holidays away from home. Most of the health resorts organize a rich entertainment program for guests during the New Year holidays, as well as a gala banquet on New Year's Eve. Such tours are very popular among guests from Russia and the Belarusians themselves, since they allow you to combine health improvement and full-fledged leisure. When traveling to a health resort in winter, keep in mind that in some resorts, residential rooms and treatment rooms are located in different buildings and you will need to dress and undress when moving from building to building. If you are confused by such a need, choose a health resort with transitional galleries between buildings or a health resort, where all the infrastructure is located in one building.
    The beginning of spring and the end of autumn is the period when you can devote maximum time to treatment. The decrease in the number of tourists during these seasons of the year allows you to visit medical procedures at a calm pace, enjoy a calm and relaxing environment, and also save significantly. Do not be afraid of the cold in the rooms and in medical offices, some of the health resorts in Belarus have their own boiler rooms and maintain a comfortable temperature for guests in the buildings. For maximum convenience, give preference to health resorts with transitions between buildings or health resorts with residential rooms and treatment rooms in one building.
  • Duration of rest
    The choice of the duration of the trip should first of all be based on the purpose of the trip. If you are going for treatment, then in order to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, doctors recommend the duration of the tour from 12-14 days. In most resorts, the list of procedures included in the cost of the tour and posted on the website is designed for just such a period.
    For general recovery of the body and strengthening the immune system, you can plan a trip for 5-10 days or more. During this time, you will be able to receive a minimum set of general health procedures and relax. When booking, carefully read the services included in the price: some health resorts for a short period of the tour include only accommodation, meals and a visit to the pool, the provision of medical services is possible for an additional fee.
    If you just want to take a break from the daily routine, be in the countryside or pamper yourself with spa treatments, you can choose a weekend packages or spa programs from 2 days.


  • Difference in prices for tours by seasons
    The cost of tours to the health resorts in Belarus, as in all resorts of the world, changes in depending on the season. The prices are approved by the administration of the health resort, as a rule, on a quarterly basis. The summer season and the New Year holidays are notable for the greatest demand and therefore the highest prices for tours. If your budget is limited, choose the beginning of spring or the end of autumn for your trip - at this time the cost of tours decreases, and there are also many promotions and discounts. Another opportunity to save money for those traveling alone is to choose twin rooms for living (while you will be accommodated in a room with another person of the same gender), such tours are usually much cheaper than booking a single room.
    You can compare prices by months of the year and categories of rooms in different health resorts, as well as choose the best option using the module Prices with treatment.
  • How to save money
    Whenever you are planning a trip to the health resort, there is always a way to make it more economical. The Internet portal sanatorii.by provides several opportunities to make a trip to the health resort more profitable, for this you just need to follow the modules:
    Early booking - an opportunity to purchase a tour at a discount long before the trip. The amount of the discount differs depending on the health resort and can range from 5 to 40%.
    Promotions and discounts - an information about all discounts and bonuses provided by the health resorts in Belarus both for a long time and for the nearest dates. Here you can find a health resorts that provides procedures or additional services as a gift, which will also help to save on paid services.
    Telegram-channel Health resorts of Belarus - promotions, discounts, news - an opportunity to be the first to receive information about the most advantageous offers of health resorts in Belarus with links to booking.

Help in choosing

After you have decided on the purpose and dates of the trip, have noted the important selection criteria for yourself, it is time to proceed directly to the search for a suitable health resort for you. In order to find a health resort that will suit you in all respects, the Internet portal Sanatorii.by propose several special modules and helper articles.
  • Modules of the Sanatorii.by portal
    Search for tours - the ability to choose a tour for a specific date, taking into account the wishes of the room category, the medical profile of the health resort, the procedures performed, the presence of a pool and other infrastructure, location, price and other criteria.
    Comparison of health resorts - a module for selecting a health resort without reference to the date and duration of the tour.
    Video reviews of health resorts - a video about health resorts, which is an excellent assistant when choosing between several health resorts and when preparing for the trip. Each video contains an overview of rooms, medical facilities, food and leisure facilities, as well as interviews and useful tips.
    Resorts of Belarus - information about the features of all resorts in Belarus, their specialization and advantages, natural conditions and therapeutic factors, infrastructure.
    Best health resorts in Belarus - a block of articles about the best health resorts in the country by popular criteria - a high-quality treatment, a swimming pool, a mineral water, an opportunities for families with children, the best health resorts according to reviews and price/quality ratio.
    Health resorts by regions - articles with useful information about transport accessibility, natural conditions, opportunities for leisure and excursions, as well as the advantages and specialization of health resorts in various regions of Belarus.
  • Free expert consultation
    Assistance in choosing tours - free professional assistance from specialists of the health resort sales department, who will select options for health resorts according to your wishes. This application form allows you to receive by e-mail or messenger a selection of tours according to important criteria for you with a cost calculation.
    Phone calls and communication in instant messengers - getting competent free advice on issues of booking, tour payment or travel arrangements. We are available in all popular messengers and social networks, which will allow you to save on international and long distance calls.

Choose the best for yourself, and we will help you with it!

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