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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Payment of tours to health resorts of Belarus - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
All health resorts in Belarus

Payment of tours to health resorts of Belarus

Payment of tours

Belarusian tour operator PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" offers tours at prices of health resorts of Republic of Belarus. In 2007, the enterprise Automated tourism technologies for the first time in Belarus has provided customers with a convenient online booking process.

Our information booking services are at extra charge. The price for the information booking services reservation totals: for citizens of the Russian Federation 1'950 RUB, for foreigners - 30.00 EUR.
Read more about the rules for booking tours to health resorts in Belarus - in the article "Booking in health resorts".

Details about "Pay for tour to health resorts in Belarus":

Payment methods

Clients of the tour operator "Automated tourism technologies" after agreeing the dates of rest in the health resort receive a contract of providing tourist services and an invoice. The validity period of the invoice will be specified in the payment document (usually 3-5 business days).By mutual agreement, the payment period may be extended or reduced in case of a close date of arrival. For the convenience of paying for a tour to a health resort in Belarus, we offer a choice of one of the following methods:

Payment methods

  • bank transfer
  • in the SSIS
  • cash in the office
  • Bank transfer - payment of an invoice at a branch of the Bank of Belarus or international money transfer to Belarus The amount of the transfer fee depends on the bank rates. To pay the invoice, contact the bank with the following documents: passport, invoice and travel services agreement. Money transfers are made from your bank account or a deposit opened in a bank. It is possible to make a bank transfer without opening a bank account. The funds are credited to the tour operator's account within 1-3 banking days.
  • Payment in Settlement Systems (SSIS) in Belarus without a bank commission - Payment of tours using cash, electronic money and bank payment cards in bank branches or online using Internet banking, for more information about paying for health resort in the section Settlement Systems (SSIS).
  • Cash at the office - Payment of tours to the cashier of the enterprise in the office in cash in Belarusian rubles or by bank plastic card without a fee. Office address - Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Surazhskaya str., 10, office 21, the office is located in the center of Minsk, not far from the railway station and the metro station "Institut Kultury". Schedule, contact information see in article Contacts. You can get detailed directions to the office here.

Detailed instructions for payment of tickets with payment order filling templates are sent to customers of PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" together with documents for payment.

Clients of the tour operator can pay for the booking service, the size of which is determined depending on the health resort, period and length of stay.

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Payment currency

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus payment of bills for tours at a bank branch, at the office is made in Belarusian rubles (BYN).

five rubles ten rubles fifty rubles two hundred rubles

On the territory of the Russian Federation the tour is paid at the banks branch, by online payment card in Russian rubles (RUB).

ten rubles one hundred rubles five hundred rubles thousand rubles

On the territory of other states payment for a tours to a health resorts in Belarus in a bank branch, with an online payment card is possible in Euro (EUR).

ten euro twenty euros one hundred euro two hundred euros

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When booking tours through the Internet portal Sanatorii.by following discounts for booking services are provided:

  • 50% discount - citizens who purchase a tours for themselves the third and subsequent times through the Internet portal Sanatorii.by.
  • 100% discount - to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, with the obligatory submission of a photocopy of supporting documents (certificates) of a single sample established for veterans by the USSR Government before January 1, 1992 or the Government of the Republic of Belarus).
  • Discount up to 100% - customers of tour operator "Automated tourism technologies" depending on the chosen health resort, the date and duration of rest.

All actual offers and discounts on tour to health resort in Belarus, see in section Offers and discounts.

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Payment by installments

Belarusian tour operator "Automated tourism technologies" provides an opportunity to purchase tours to health resorts of Belarus by installments at 0%. The lack of interest for the provision of installments allows you to plan a budget in advance and book a long-awaited vacation in Belarus. When purchasing tours in installments, the first payment is made within 3 banking days, the second payment is made no later than 1 month before the date of arrival to the health resort. Health resorts, tours to which can be purchased in installments are presented in this section.

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Customers of the Belarusian tour operator have the opportunity to change or cancel an order at any time. All adjustments, including the recovery period and the composition of the rest, must be made in writing on the application page. If it is not possible to use the tour for a good reason, you must write a statement addressed to the director of PRPUE Automated tourism technologies with reasons for refusing the tour.The application is certified by the signature of the Customer, medical or other documents are attached to it confirming the inability to use the tour.

If the client refuses to pay for the vouchers, the cost of the tours minus the actual expenses incurred is returned to the client (payment of commission to the bank for accepting payment, penalties under the contract with the health resort organisation, booking service).

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If you have questions about booking tour to a helath resort, you cand ask them 24 hours a day on the application page or by contacting the specialists of the health resort department PRPUE Automated tourism technologies in any convenient way:

After the payment stage and signing the contract via the Internet, a travel ticket is sent to customers, which together with the passport and outpatients card are presented upon arrival at the health resort.

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