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Friday, 21.06.2024 17:11  Minsk

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Promotion for vouchers for children in the health resort Letcy


Health resort Letcy introduces a pleasant promotion for vouchers for children from 3 to 6 years old inclusive. From October 1 to December 24, 2024, you have the opportunity to purchase vouchers for children at a reduced cost!

The promotion is valid from 19-June-2024 to 24-December-2024


Last minute vouchers for summer trips to the health resort Borovoe


Health resort Borovoe announces incredible news: for summer races from June 14 to August 28, 2024there is a Last Minutes Promotion! This means that when booking a trip for this period no earlier than 10 days before arrival, a discount of 10% is provided from the current price list.

The promotion is valid from 21-June-2024 to 15-August-2024


Seasonal discount 16% from the health resort Ruzhanski


Health resort Ruzhanski Brest region reports great news: for the period from August 28 to September 30, 2024, prices with a 16% discount apply! Such a favorable offer in the warm season is a real gift. So hurry up to take your place!

The promotion is valid from 06-June-2024 to 30-September-2024


Golden hours for early birds in Silichi!


Silichi pleases its vacationers with good news. For those who like to start their day with relaxation and water treatments, the ski center has prepared a 50% discount!

The promotion is valid from 01-June-2024 to 30-June-2024


Promotional offer from the Yunost sanatorium!


Health resort Yunost invites you to enjoy the procedures in the SPA center at reasonable prices! The promotional offer is valid until July 14, 2024, so hurry up to book your best vacation on the shores of the Minsk Sea!

The promotion is valid from 23-May-2024 to 14-July-2024


Promotion On the hook from the health resort Serebryanie Klyuchi


Health resort Serebryanie Klyuchi invites you to enjoy fishing in the surroundings beautiful landscapes and saturate your rods with many different types of fish with a nice promotion. Come on vacation and spend time varied!

The promotion is valid from 06-May-2024 to 31-October-2024


Promotion of early booking for the summer in the health resort Vesta


In the health resort Vesta early booking is available vouchers for 2024. If you meet payment deadlines, you can book a vacation with10% discount. This is a great motivation to plan your vacation in advance!

The promotion is valid from 01-April-2024 to 10-November-2024


Early booking for autumn 2024 at the health resort Priozerny


Book profitable trips for the fall to the Health resort Priozerny! The health resort has an early booking promotion for autumn: for tours from August 21 to September 30, 2024 there is a special reduced price when paid before June 25 2024.

The promotion is valid from 25-March-2024 to 25-June-2024


Early booking promotion in the health resort Sosnovi Bor 2024-2025


Plan your vacation in advance and get a discount! In the health resort Sosnovi Bor There is a traditional early booking promotion: subject to booking a trip for the period until June 10, 2025 70 or more calendar days before Upon arrival you will be given a discount of 10%.

The promotion is valid from 29-February-2024 to 10-May-2025


Early booking in the health resort Radon


Permanent promotion from the health resort Radon: vouchers for races until June 10, 2025 can be purchased with a discount of up to 10%! The offer is valid for early booking - no later than 70 calendar days before arrival.

The promotion is valid from 28-February-2024 to 10-May-2025


Early booking offer in the health resort Porechie


Health resort Porechie announces early booking promotion especially for people who prefer to plan their vacation and wellness in advance: 10% discount for arrivals from June 11, 2023 to June 10, 2025. Now you can plan your vacation in a timely manner, and at reasonable prices!

The promotion is valid from 22-February-2024 to 10-May-2025



Health resort Rassvet Luban announces early booking promotion! If you book no later than 70 calendar days before arrival, you will be given a 10% discount, and if you book no later than 45 calendar days, the discount will be 5% for arrivals until June 10, 2025.

The promotion is valid from 21-February-2024 to 10-June-2025


Free visit to the pool and sauna in health resort Lesnoe


Health resort Lesnoe traditionally gives gifts to your guests. During the holiday throughout 2024, vacationers have access to unlimited use of the pool, as well as free use of the sauna two days a week! Come and take advantage of health bonuses!

The promotion is valid from 06-January-2024 to 31-December-2024


Promotion from the resort Lesnie Ozera - free transfer


Health resort Lesnie Ozera Vitebsk region pleases its guests with a pleasant bonus a> and provides a gift in 2024 transfer from Polotsk to the sanatorium and back. The offer is valid for guests coming on vacation for 10 days or more. Enjoy it for your health!

The promotion is valid from 08-January-2024 to 20-December-2024


Additional procedures in the health resort Brestagrozdravnitsa (Berestye)


Health resort Brestagrozdravnitsa (Berestye) pleases its guests when purchasing a voucher in a room of the category Lux guests can receive up to 5 additional procedures based on 14 days of the voucher!


Discount for regular customers in the health resort Orlovskogo


Regular customers visiting health resort Orlovskogo from two or more times, discount is provided. The discount amount increases in proportion to the number of visits.

The promotion is valid from 01-March-2019 to 31-December-2024


Special offer Spend your birthday in the health resort Orlovskogo


Health resort Orlovskogo appreciates and loves each of his guests, without exception. But if you have birthday during check-in, then do not hesitate, they will definitely not leave you without a gift. The action Spend your birthday in the health resort Orlovskogo gives the right to every birthday person to receive the procedure as a gift!

The promotion is valid from 09-March-2021 to 31-December-2024


A visit to the pool while relaxing in Primorski


Health resort Primorski gives its guests free sessions in the pool when purchasing a voucher with treatment for a period of 7 days in the period from January 10 to May 31, 2023 and from September 1 to December 22, 2023. A great bonus to your vacation!

The promotion is valid from 28-March-2021 to 31-December-2025

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