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Promotion Winter price cuts in the health resort Plissa


Season of winter discounts in the health resort «Plissa» has been opened! From November, 20 to December, 25 to relax and restore your health in one of the most modern resorts of Belarus You can at a discount 10%. Give yourself and your family an unforgettable holiday for good price!

The promotion is valid from 20-November-2019 to 12-December-2019


Promotion Winter transfiguration in the health resort Ruzhansky


Health resort «Ruzhanski» gives vacationers gifts! By purchasing a tour with treatment for the period from December 11 to December 24, 2019 and from January 8 to February 29, 2020, you will receive additional procedures absolutely free! Do not miss the opportunity to relax on favorable terms!

The promotion is valid from 11-December-2019 to 29-February-2020


Discount for visit of the swimming pool with sauna complex in the health resort Priozerny


In the cold season, we all especially want warmth. That is why, taking care of its guests, the health resort «Priozerny» has prepared a «warm» surprise: from November 18 to December 18, 2019 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, the cost of visiting the bath complex with pool was reduced by 25%. Spend time with pleasure at pleasant prices!

The promotion is valid from 18-November-2019 to 18-December-2019


The specal offer «Night as a gift» on New Year's tours in the health resort Volma


The specal offer «Night as a gift» for New Year's tours from December 31, 2019 for 2 days starts in the health resort «Volma». According to its conditions, when booking and buying two-day tour, you can extend your stay in the health resort until the morning of the third day. Tours to the health resort have never been so profitable.

The promotion is valid from 03-October-2019 to 31-December-2019


Promotion Procedures as a gift in the health resort Naroch


Health resort «Naroch» does not cease to please its vacationers with pleasant bonuses! When booking tours of 10 days or more for arrivals during the period from January 8 to May 20, 2020 all guests will receive free procedures as a gift. Now you can get even more benefits from the rest!

The promotion is valid from 19-November-2019 to 20-May-2020


10% discount on New Year's tour at the recreation centers of Drivyaty, Zolovo, Leoshki


National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» is waiting for you to visit on New Year's holidays 2020! Right now you can buy a tour with a 10% discount! The recreation centers «Leoshki», «Drivyaty», «Zolovo» - which object do you like?

The promotion is valid from 14-November-2019 to 09-December-2019


Early booking offer for winter-spring 2020 in the health resort Isloch


Catch the moment and buy tours to health resorts of Belarus at a good price! Take advantage of the early booking promotion at the health resort «Isloch» and get 5% discount for tours from January 9 to May 31, 2020. Hurry, the promotion is valid until December 20, 2019.

The promotion is valid from 05-November-2019 to 20-December-2019


Free visit to the pool and sauna in health resort Lesnoe


Health resort «Lesnoe» has prepared a nice gift for all vacationers for the whole of 2020. Unlimited Pool access and visit to Finnish sauna for free - not just a pleasant, but also a very useful bonus that will certainly brighten up your vacation!

The promotion is valid from 01-January-2020 to 31-December-2020


Holiday bonuses in the health-improving center Energia


Health-improving center «Energia» invites You to enjoy your vacation and devote time to your health for the period from November 19 to December 2, 2019 and get holiday bonuses as a gift! And also for foreign citizens there is 15% discount when booking tour for the period from November 18 to December 29, 2019!

The promotion is valid from 08-November-2019 to 29-December-2019


Discounts at health resort Vesta for November-December 2019


In this cold season health resort «Vesta» is ready to warm up it's vacationers with nice prices! When booking a tour with a date of arrival between November 01 to December 20, 2019 9% discount is provided! Hurry up and book yourrest for pleasant prices.

The promotion is valid from 04-November-2019 to 20-December-2019


Hippotherapy as a gift in the health resort Solnechny


Special offer is valid in the health resort «Solnechny». If You buy 3 hippotherapy treatments, You get the 4th as a gift!This offer is for those who take a trip of 14 days or more!

The promotion is valid from 01-December-2019 to 21-December-2019


Early Booking Promotion 2020 at the health resort Vesta


Early booking of tours for January - April 2020 in the health resort «Vesta»! Book tours until April 30, 2020 now with a good discount 10%. Planning your vacation in the health resort «Vesta» in advance is always beneficial!

The promotion is valid from 01-November-2019 to 24-February-2020


Useful bonuses at the health resort Priozerny


Incredibly healthy bonuses for guests from the health resort «Priozerny»! All vacationers with tours without treatment are provided with free access to the pool and gym every other day, and for children - free pool daily!

The promotion is valid from 18-October-2019 to 19-March-2020


Discounts on extra beds in the cottage in the ealth resort Solnechny


An attractive offer from the health resort «Solnechny»! Now you can stay in comfortable rooms in the cottage on incredibly favorable conditions. Book a tour for arrivals from November 10, 2019 and get a 50% discount on extra bed. And if You arrive from December 1, 2019, the discount on extra bed increases to 90%!

The promotion is valid from 05-September-2019 to 29-February-2020


Special offer procedures as a gift in the health resort Letcy


Special offer from the health resort «Letcy».
If you book a tour from 13 days or more in the period from November 1 to December 24, 2019 you will receive 2 procedures absolutely free!

The promotion is valid from 01-November-2019 to 24-December-2019


Special offer Banquet as a gift in the health resort Porechie


A trip to the health resort on New Year's holidays will be especially pleasant if New Year's banquet You get as a gift. When booking a tour to the health resort «Porechie» with arriving on December, 20-22 for 14 days or more participation in the New Year's banquet with an entertainment program will be absolutely free for you. A generous gift, isn't it?

The promotion is valid from 18-October-2019 to 22-December-2019


Special offer Generous autumn in health resort Shinnik


Health resort «Shinnik» continues to bring only good news! When you arrive at the health resort from 01 to 30 November 2019 you will receive list of procedures as a gift. Rest in health resort «Shinnik» - the perfect way to fight the autumn mope.

The promotion is valid from 01-November-2019 to 30-November-2019


Early booking 2020 in the health resort Yunost


Incredible news! Early Booking Promotion 2020 has started in the health resort «Yunost»! Buy tours from January 5 to March 19, 2020 with a 5% discount! let yourself a luxurious vacation at the most popular health resort of Belarus on the Minsk Sea shore.

The promotion is valid from 10-October-2019 to 25-December-2019


New Year in the HICC Jemchujina Vitebsk


Do you dream of celebrating the New Year in a new place, but you don't have a long vacation? New Year 2020 in the HICC «Jemchujina Vitebsk» - a great option for a family holiday, which will be remembered for fun contests, games and master classes. For a check-in from December 31,2019 for 3 days, one more night in a gift!

The promotion is valid from 07-October-2019 to 31-December-2019


Treatments as a gift in the health resort Praleska


Health resort «Praleska» Grodno region offers to rest with greater health benefits. Book a tour from October 1 to December 22, 2019 for 12 or more days and you will receive 15 procedures as a gift! Nice bonuses, isn't it?

The promotion is valid from 01-October-2019 to 22-December-2019


New Year's program Alice in Wonderland and discounts at the ecohotel Kvetki Yablyni


New Year is a time of magic and making wishes! Celebration of New Year in Wonderland is a guarantee of making them true! Ecohotel «Kvetki Yablyni» invites to take part in the New Year program «Alice in Wonderland», and also provides a 5-10% early booking discount for New Year holidays!

The promotion is valid from 26-September-2019 to 31-December-2019


Bonuses for guests in the health resort Alesya


In health resort «Alesya» for guests, who purchased tours with accomodation in for superior rooms, in addition to the procedures included in the price of the tour, one kind of additional procedure is provided for free. Do not miss the opportunity to relax with benefits not only for health but also for the family budget!

The promotion is valid from 09-September-2019 to 26-December-2019


The procedure as a gift from the health resort Praleska


Health resort «Praleska» Minsk region prepared a great gift for vacationers. When you purchase a tîur with arrival from October, 1 to December 1, 2019 vacationers will receive the magnet therapy procedure on the apparatus «Magnitoturbotron» as a gift. Buy a tour with treatment and get additional procedure!

The promotion is valid from 13-September-2019 to 01-December-2019


Bonus health-improving program at the health resort Raduga Grodno


In health resort «Raduga Grodno» during school autumn, winter and spring holidays 2019-2020 bonus health-improving program is provided! When purchasing a health-improving holiday tour for children - procedures will be assigned absolutely free.

The promotion is valid from 11-September-2019 to 05-April-2020


Autumn discounts on excursion Mir-Nesvizh


Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by announces a discount on the most popular excursion «Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace». During the period from October, 1 to December, 28 you can visit the famous castles in the group tours at a special price: 80,00 BYN per adult and 66,00 BYN per child.

The promotion is valid from 04-September-2019 to 27-December-2019


Autumn gifts in health resort Solnechny


Autumn brought with it gift season to health resort «Solnechny». Throughout the golden season, guests of the health resort will receive a waterfall of gifts that will help them to recover in this fabulous time of the year with additional health benefits.

The promotion is valid from 01-September-2019 to 30-November-2019


Autumn discounts at the recreation center Bobrovaja hata


Although summer is already drawing to a close, this is not a reason to deny yourself a vacation. Recreation center «Bobrovaja hata» invites everyone to relax in comfort on the shores of the picturesque lake Prolobno. A special pleasant surprise for guests will be 20% discount on accommodation on weekdays during the fall!

The promotion is valid from 26-August-2019 to 30-November-2019


Wellness tour «Light» in the health resort Sosny


Now relax in the health resort «Sosny» Minsk region will be more profitable! From September 26, 2019, the health resort offers to purchase the wellness tour «Light», which is «facilitated» both in price, in the list of included services, and even in food.

The promotion is valid from 15-August-2019 to 31-December-2019


Promotions for autumn-winter 2019 for guests of the health resort Narochanka


Pleasant news from the health resort «Narochanka» - it has got the first category! Besides the health resort has prepared many useful gifts for its guests - for those who come for the first time, and for those who come with the whole family. Additional bonuses are provided for guests who come for 14 or more days!

The promotion is valid from 05-August-2019 to 24-December-2019


Special offer Warm autumn 2019 in the health resort Narochanka


Health resort «Narochanka» presents generous gifts for their guests. From September, 1 to November 30, 2019 when buying paid procedures you will receive additional medical procedures absolutely free. Spend your vacation in the health resort with the maximum benefits!

The promotion is valid from 01-September-2019 to 30-November-2019

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