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Health resorts.by - Water aerobics - Health resorts in Belarus
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Treatment - Water aerobics


  1. Acupuncture56
  2. Aeroionotherapy13
  3. Amber room5
  4. Apiotherapy3
  5. Apparatus massage103
  6. Aromatherapy71
  7. Beauty salon18
  8. Biodetoxication therapy1
  9. Bioresonance therapy1
  10. Bowels hydrotherapy34
  11. Buvet of mineral water54
  12. Carboxy therapy43
  13. Cardiology18
  14. Clinical laboratory48
  15. Colposcopy13
  16. Compressive therapy79
  17. Computer diagnostics6
  18. Contactless massage21
  19. Contrast baths19
  20. Cosmetic wrapping61
  21. CPAP-therapy1
  22. Cryotherapy52
  23. Dentist's room79
  24. Detenzor therapy3
  25. Dpeleotherapy23
  26. Dry aqua massage8
  27. Dry backbone traction28
  28. Dry carbonic acid gas bath92
  29. Electro mud cure (galvanic mud cure)48
  30. Electrocardiography93
  31. Electrosleep therapy room48
  32. Electrotherapy107
  33. Endoscopy3
  34. Exercise machine vacuum7
  35. Fish-SPA5
  36. Floating therapy13
  37. Four-chambered (four cell) galvanic baths28
  38. Functional diagnostics59
  39. Galotherapy70
  40. Gastroenteroscopy3
  41. Gravitational therapy2
  42. Gum irrigation5
  43. Gym93
  44. Gynecological room35
  45. Hippotherapy2
  46. Hirudotherapy (leech)28
  47. Holter monitoring18
  48. Hydromassage71
  49. Hydromassage box6
  50. Infrared sauna43
  51. Inhalatorium (aerosol therapy)105
  52. Iridodiagnostics1
  53. Kinesio taping3
  54. Kinezitherapy9
  55. Laser therapy99
  56. Magnet therapy105
  57. Magnetic resonance imaging1
  58. Manual massage106
  59. Manual therapy3
  60. Medical rooms of other doctors94
  61. Mineral baths40
  62. Mini-sauna Cedar barrel49
  63. Mud baths87
  64. Naphtalan therapy9
  65. Normbrical hypoxytherapy10
  66. Ophthalmology3
  67. Otorhinolaryngology12
  68. Oxygen therapy86
  69. Ozone baths7
  70. Ozonetherapy25
  71. Pantotheraphy23
  72. Paraffin ozokerite therapy97
  73. Pearl baths89
  74. Phototherapy106
  75. Phytotherapy91
  76. Pressure chamber15
  77. Procedure unit90
  78. Psychological relaxation25
  79. Psychotherapy30
  80. Radon baths6
  81. Reflexodiagnostics10
  82. Reflexotherapy20
  83. Rehabilitation capsule65
  84. Salt cooling tower2
  85. Snow room3
  86. Standard baths105
  87. Stonetherapy58
  88. Therapeutic douches96
  89. Therapeutic physical training102
  90. Therapeutic stream douche89
  91. Turpentine baths71
  92. UCF-therapy40
  93. UHF- therapy61
  94. Underwater backbone traction31
  95. Underwater douche-massage102
  96. Urology13
  97. US-diagnostics65
  98. Vacuum massage36
  99. Vacuum therapy21
  100. Vaginal irrigations22
  101. Walking scandinavian47
  102. Water aerobics41
  103. Wave therapy33
  104. Wellness coaching1
  105. Whirl baths52
  106. X-ray5
  107. 7

Water aerobics

Water aerobics is one of the safest and most effective types of gymnastics in the water. This is not just a rhythmic exercise to the music, but a whole complex of physical exercise on all the major muscle groups of a body. Do you want to get rid of over weight, tighten your body and strengthen your muscles? Let\'s start water aerobics classes! It allows the elderly to do sport, prepare the body for pregnancy and childbirth, and it is also a pleasant pastime and powerful anti-stress therapy.

Today Water aerobics is becoming more and more popular among young people and the elderly. What is the secret of its popularity? Because this type of activity is much safer than training in the gym, and moreover, more effective due to the resistance of water in the pool. Gentle load on the joints and the spine is the main advantage of water aerobic exercise. This is especially true for older people, as well as those who has obesity or has diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Water aerobics helps to form a beautiful posture. The buoyancy of water and the lack of support under our feet make us move more actively, find the right position and maintain balance.

Water aerobics is the best way to lose weight! Intensive training for 40-60 minutes helps to lose up to 700 Kcal! Regular water aerobic exercises - a guarantee of burning extra weight, and the massage effect of water helps to get rid of cellulite, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Try it and enjoy the result!

Water aerobics - excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Training has a beneficial effect on the general blood circulation, improves the functioning of the heart muscle and venous blood flow.
According to doctor\'s opinion in the health resorts of Belarus water aerobics is effective for rehabilitation in the postoperative period and people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and back pain.

Water aerobics during pregnancy allows you to unload the spine. In the second and third semester of pregnancy water classes will be an excellent means of prevention of stretch marks and edema.

Water aerobics classes are held to the music. The instructor demonstrates various exercises for all muscle groups. Training begins with a warm-up - cardio exercises, stretching the muscles. Various devices - foam sticks, aquagantels, a belt for weights, special weights for the legs and much more are used to improve the efficiency.

After the first lesson, you will notice a surge of vitality and strength! Water aerobics affects the nervous system, helps to get rid of stress, improves sleep and appetite.

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Water aerobics in the health resorts of Belarus:

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