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Swimming pool

The enormous popularity of swimming in the pool is not only due to its beauty effect, but also its benefits for health. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body in the complex and its individual systems - normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle spasm, reduces swelling in the joints and stress on the spine, activates metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system.

Thats why swimming in the pool is an integral part of the healing process and in many health resorts of Belarus and it's included in the price of tours. Pools in the health resorts of Belarus are various - for adults and children (or with a children's section), with fresh or mineral water, with hydromassage facilities or water park elements. Mineral water pools in the health resorts of Belarus are especially popular, because such water contains biological active substances and trace elements useful for the body.

Belorussian health resorts with swimming pools are in great demand among people with a desk job, because swimming harmoniously develops all muscle groups, relieves stress and energizes. Therapeutic swimming allows the elderly to solve problems with the joints and spine diseases, the circulatory system. For children, visiting the swimming pool in the health resort helps to strengthen the body's resistance to colds and other diseases, and to form a proper posture.

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Swimming pool in the health resorts of Belarus

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