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Tuesday, 21.01.2020 02:38  Minsk



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News and promotions about rest in Belarus: January24


Health resort Berestie Brest region informs:
Between from January 30 to February 2 2020 swimming pool will not function in the health resort due to the discharge of water and preventive maintenance. The administration of the health resort apologizes for temporary inconvenience.


New type of diagnosis in health resort Vesta


In health resort «Vesta» new type of diagnosis has appeared - liver elastometry. This modern non-invasive diagnostic method allows you to diagnose diseases associated with changes in the tissues of the liver, including early stages of cancer.


Program Maslenitsa festivities in Strochitsy


Belarusian excursion Internet portal Ekskursii.by invites you to celebrate Maslenitsa at «Strochitsy» on February 29, 2020. This is a mass cultural eventwith games, fun, prizes and master classes - you won’t be bored!


Romantic weekend at the health resort Alfa Radon


Valentine's Day in 2020 falls on Friday, which means you can enjoy the atmosphere of love, tenderness and romance for 3 whole days. Health resort «Alfa Radon» has already prepared best weekend option - Valentine's Day Special Offer - Program «Romantic Wellness Weekend».


Discounts on extra beds in cottages in the health resort Solnechny


Family rest at competitive prices! Health resorts «Solnechny» knows a lot about planning family budget and offers guests huge discounts on extra beds in cottages - for arrivals until March 14, 2020 save from 50 to 90%! Great option for your family!

The promotion is valid from 09-January-2020 to 14-March-2020



Health-improving complex «Raketa» Minsk region informs:
During the period from May 28 to August 17, 2020 , a summer recreation of children will be organized in the health-improving complex, and therefore, the sale of tours for the specified period will not be carried out.
Administration of the health-improving complex apologizes for the caused inconveniences.


The new mode of operation of the water park in the sanatorium Ruzhansky


Health resort Ruzhanski Brest region informs:


Free procedures at health resort Shinnik


Special offer «Charge your health» in health resort «Shinnik»! When purchasing a tour with treatment for a period of 12 days from January 10 to February 29, 2020 guests will receive free procedures. Hurry up to get the maximum benefit at no extra cost!

The promotion is valid from 17-January-2020 to 17-February-2020


Special offer in health resort Solnechny


Health resort «Solnechny» is in a hurry to please tourists at the beginning of the new year with pleasant offers! Health resort gives 5% discount when booking the whole block in main building and nice gifts to young vacationers! Relaxing with additional health benefits in health resort «Solnechny» - doubly great.

The promotion is valid from 14-January-2020 to 14-March-2020



Health resort Borovoe Vitebsk region informs:
In the period from February 1 to March 31, 2020, repair works will be carried out in single one-rooms (building ¹1). Administration of health resort apologizes for the caused inconveniences.


Charging for electric cars in hotel Evropa


In the modern world, special attention is paid to environmental protection and reducing the negative impact on nature. That’s why electric cars are gaining opularity, which are much cleaner kind of transport. For the comfort of guests with such cars, hotel «Evropa» has installed chargers. Now for sure there will be no problems with movement!


Health resort Yunost has won in the category Accommodation facility of the year among health resorts


According to the results of XVII Republican Tourism Competition «Discover Belarus 2019» health resort «Yunost» was recognized as the best in the nomination «Facility of the year» among health resorts! A well-deserved award is the result of hard work, a sign of national recognition.


Halotherapy in health resort Raduga


Each health resort at the beginning of the New Year tries to please its vacationers. In health resort «Raduga» such gift was the opening of the room for halotherapy! According to experts, halotherapy considered to be one of the best medical complexes, and only a few procedures will significantly help restore your health!


Guash massage in health resort Lenina


In health resort «Lenina» new procedure - Guash massage.This is a unique massage technique, which is based on scrapers of various configurations of jade and has three directions of impact on the body: cosmetology, prophylactic and therapeutic and diagnostic.


New hall in the health resort «Priozerny»


A few days before the New Year a pleasant surprise for vacationers was the completion of the reconstruction of the hall on the sixth floor in the health resort «Priozerny». A nice bonus - all new room doors are equipped with electronic locks!


Early Booking for 2020 at health resort Serebryanie Klyuchi


Great offer for everyone to relax! Health resort «Serebryanie Klyuchi» announces Early Booking offer! Until January 27, 2020 book a tour from 7 days with a 7% discount! Offer applies to tours from February 15 to March 31, 2020.

The promotion is valid from 08-January-2020 to 27-January-2020


Discount for tours in health resort Sosny Minsk region


Rest becomes even more profitable with health resor «Sosny» Minsk region! Grand discounts are announced! Between January 10 and April 15, 2020 You have a unique opportunity to purchase tour with a discount of up to 15%. Start the year with relaxation and recreation at a bargain price!

The promotion is valid from 06-January-2020 to 15-April-2020


New banquet hall at the recreation center Bobrovaja hata


Recreation center «Bobrovaja hata» reports great news! A new cottage with a cozy banquet room for a great pastime has appeared on the territory of the recreation center! Now your vacation will become even more interesting and eventful!


ATM in the health resort Serebryanie Klyuchi


Health resort «Serebryanie Klyuchi» creates all the conditions for a comfortable stay of guests! Now, vacationers of the health resort will not have difficulty withdrawing cash, because ATM of BPS-Sberbank has been installed on its territory.


New video review of health resort Berestie


Attention! Premiere! We suggest you enjoy watching a new movie «Video review of health resort Berestie»!
Our employee will introduce you to one of the best health resorts in the Brest region. Many interesting procedures, a review of the room, communication with vacationers and much more await you in the proposed review.


Local cryotherapy in the health resort Shinnik


Local cryotherapy is an effective and safe method of treating many diseases of the musculoskeletal system - arthritis, arthrosis, sprains, radiculitis and joint pain. Now you can try this unusual procedure in the health resort «Shinnik»


Carbon peeling in the health resort Alesya


The ability to get an effective procedure and look good in just half an hour is a good reason to come to health resort «Alesya». The new procedure - carbon peeling - refers to effective means of skin cleansing and fight against age-related changes.


Ozonetherapy in the health resort Belaya vezha


Health resort «Belaya vezha» starts the year with novelty! The ozonetherapy procedure began in the health resort, which is a non-drug method used to treat joint and the spine diseases. During the procedure, a mixture of ozone with oxygen is used. It has a powerful therapeutic effect.


The new medical program in the health resort Jemchujina


Is there still a lot of time before vacation, but You already want to relax? Health resort «Jemchujina» has developed a new medical program specifically for those who wants to get the maximum healing effect and relax in a short time. The medical program «Relax» for 3 days is exactly, what you need to reboot!


Mesotherapy in the health resort Solnechny


Another novelty of health resort «Solnechny» in the field of cosmetology services! We are talking about the procedure «Mesotherapy with a multivitamin cocktail». By their action, mesococtails for the face resemble magical elixirs, which make it possible to get younger quickly.


Seasonal discounts for vouchers in the health-improving complex Raketa


Favorable offer from health-improving complex «Raketa»: for all types of tours with arrival dates from January 13 to March 20, 2020 You receive a 10% discount. Hurry to relax, improve your health and have a good time at favorable prices near Minsk!

The promotion is valid from 26-December-2019 to 20-March-2020


Treatments as a gift in the health resort Pridneprovsky


Health resort «Pridneprovsky» at the beginning of 2020 gives all vacationers beautiful gifts. Guests of the health resort who will book a tour with a date of arrival between January 8 to March 27, 2020, will receive 10 procedures as a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to relax with maximum health benefits!

The promotion is valid from 08-January-2020 to 27-March-2020


Pilates in the health resort Berestie


Pilates lessons are now held in the health resort «Berestie»! This is gymnastics, which is based on smooth and controlled movements. Regular pilates training will help to tighten the body, strengthen muscles, and increase their strength. Many researches have proven the enormous benefits of these activities for the body.


Procedures as a gift in the health resort Solnechny


Everyone likes gifts, and if it is also healthy, then it is doubly nice!Health resort «Solnechny» decided to give you a pleasant surprise: when you purchase a tour for the period from January 9 to February 29, 2020, you will be able to receive a compressive therapy procedure as a gift!

The promotion is valid from 09-January-2020 to 28-February-2020


A new building was opened in the health resort Berezka


Health resort «Berezka» hurries to please amateur of comfortable rest great news - the construction of a new building with rooms has been completed! Now it is possible to accommodate in a health resort in two modern buildings, each of which is connected by warm transitions with a medical and other buildings.

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